Raccoons will never cease to be adorable. #SlyCooperSighting


Nothing could have been better than a great day of snorkeling to conclude our time here in The Keys.

I truly believe that the sun and the sea can heal us.

Few things beat a Key Largo sunset. 😍 #sunsetchaser


We reeled in our lines, said goodbye to the oncoming storm, and bid adieu to our nautical host. Today was magnificent.

Dad’s Mutton Snapper. :) Best catch of the day! (Aside from the Grouper that got away, of course.)

Sadly I wasn’t close enough to get a good picture, but we saw a giant sea turtle! :) #dude


Mami is a champ. :)

My first Yellowtail. :) Haha, even if I catch nothing else, I feel super accomplished today.

But, first, let me take a selfie. #WannabeMermaid


Can we talk about how adorable my parents are? :)

Today is a day for fishing. :)

I can’t tell you how much I melt when a pup lays on me. (Hint: it’s a lot.) #puppylove


Efrain Caballero Portillo, who works with our jeweler Mike Posse, meticulously works on a gold bracelet in their shop in downtown Miami.

Family portrait. ❤️ #primos